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Why Fat Matt? 

Let's be real.
Fat Matt hasn't always wore a hat, nor been fat.


Founder and President Matt Smith started going by “Fat Matt” back in the day when he was in the modular home sales business. After failed attempts to get his clients to call in and ask for “Matt,” he coined the name “Fat Matt” instead. Clients immediately started calling and walking in asking for “Fat Matt.” Then when Matt would walk into the room, not fat, and introduce himself as “Fat Matt,” everyone would get a great laugh of their mental picture of Fat Matt and the proverbial ice was broken!


Why Hire Fat Matt for Roofing

or Home Building? 

Fat Matt is unlike any other residential or commercial roofing or home building contractor out there for many reasons. Fat Matt and his talented team are committed to providing the best workmanship, and Fat Matt himself takes a personal interest in each project his company takes on. 

Operating from Abilene & Midland/Odessa, TX we are capable of servicing homes from Lubbock to Fort Worth and Wichita Falls to San Angelo!